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Day Yacht Charters Cabo can arrange customized private charters to suit your needs. Are you looking to spend some quality time on a sunset cruise around Cabo or an all-day charter? All you need to do is let us know what you're interested in doing, and we can match you up with the right vessel and captain. Remember, all charters require advance notice.
Whether you are an experienced sailor or it is your first time on a yacht, Yacht Charter Cabo offers you a wide variety of options.
The prices of yachts in Cabo San Lucas vary depending on how many passengers and the type of boat you desire.
Rates vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars depending on what type of vessel you like.


Day Yacht Charter Cabo offers you an unforgettable experience when you use our services.
Email or phone us today +1 (305) 515-4735 to talk directly to a charter specialist!



Yacht Catering



Our vessels are equipped and stocked with coolers & ice, bottled water, sodas — fuel, snorkel gear, and crew.


Things to bring

Hat, Sunglasses, sweater in case cool evening, MP3 player or phone for music, Sun lotions ... lots of it. If you are the light-skin type, get SPF 25 or higher.
Also, we do not provide alcoholic beverages so bring any beer or bottle of any type you also like if you wish to bring your food you are also welcome to do so.


Where are we located

All our vessels dock at IGY Marina Cabo San Lucas Baja California Sur Mexico, where you can enjoy lunch or dinner before or after your trip as we have arranged special offers with several vendors. If you would like a detailed tour of the marina, we can quickly organize to have one of their Ambassadors take you on a special guided visit.


Where can we go on a charter


-You will Check-in at IGY Marina Dock in Cabo San Lucas
We will then walk you to your designated yacht charter.
As soon as everyone is on board, our captain will depart from the dock and head to the famous Los Cabos Arch for pictures and beautiful scenery.
Here is a sample itinerary for day trips in Cabo San Lucas.
Following our visit to the arch, our captain will then head to Chileno Bay for some snorkeling, relaxation, and lunch possibly, whale watching in season only.
After a few hours of snorkeling (or until you decide) our captain will head towards the fishing spot. OR, if you prefer to fish first and then snorkel, that is completely fine (just let us know ahead of time).
After you and your guests have enjoyed some snorkeling and fishing, our captain will anchor in front of Mango Deck for a nice dinner. The dinner treat is only applicable to a full day charter or a Sunset dinner cruise.
The best part is what comes after dinner....the sunset! After everyone is done with dinner, the captain will immediately head towards the Pacific side of the arch for some amazing sunset pictures.

Enjoy a private cruise aboard the luxury yacht of one's choice. We’re much more than just a Private Boat Rental enterprise; Yachts Los Cabos is the premier private yacht charter and boat rental company serving Cabo San Lucas. Do you want to cruise, celebrate a unique occasion, dine and cruise, or swim and snorkel in the beautiful waters that Los Cabos has to offer you? Regardless of your choice, we provide hassle-free boarding. Yachts Los Cabos Charters have numerous affordable Private Boat Rental packages for yacht fun in the sun cruising adventure. Rent a private boat / Yacht and enjoy the day with us on the waters of beautiful Cabo San Lucas!
We feature Private leisure Boats, Corporate Boats, and Party Boats; our Private leisure Boat Rentals in Los Cabos function vessels of all sizes. We rent Boats from 26 feet to a super luxury Los Cabos yacht Charter. Our Yachts and Boats can be rented for a single day or could be chartered for some days or weeks to cruise the Pacific waters. The yachts and boats featured on Yachts Los Cabos are meticulously chosen to present only the very best vessels employing the best well-trained crews and captains. Your holiday in Los Cabos is crucial to us, and we will make sure that we meet your desires and exceed your expectations.



Events we cover.

  1. Bachelor Parties
  2. Birthday Parties
  3. Bachelorette Parties
  4. Anniversaries
  5. Corporate Dinners
  6. Family Charters
  7. Romantic Cruises
  8. Weddings
  9. Fishing
  10. Whale Watching


Private VIP Yacht Charters, Cabo San Lucas

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All you need to tell us is what you require, the earlier you specify the better and then, leave the rest to us. We will always guarantee you the best, and nothing short of that.
Our luxury yachts are just the thing you need to make your events memorable. You can hire a private yacht and then personalize it in any way you want for an event or a trip. We have the best Cabo San Lucas Yachts lined up for your romantic getaways, official meeting, family gatherings or just wild nights out.
Other than yacht related activities, people who want to explore the coast can go snorkeling, fishing, and scuba diving. If our standard yacht timing does not please you, then we can always arrange longer trips for you. We understand the appeal that the majestic water and its mysteries have on tourists, we will be more than happy to accommodate your sense of intrigue in any way we can.
Cabo Boat Rentals are better for tourism in some ways. They provide their customers with experienced crew along with the perfect yacht. Besides, rentals always plan the ideal holiday getaway for you, which mean you won’t have to worry about entertainment at all.


Snorkelling is a major attraction in Los Cabos!

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The Bahía Santa María also referred to as the Santa Maria Bay, is one of the top destinations for snorkeling in Cabo San Lucas Mexico. The bay is full of various tropical fish and marine life. The bay is shaped like a horseshoe and is perfect for families wishing to swim and snorkel in a beautiful marine sanctuary. The Santa Maria Bay is a favored destination for various charter boats that offer scuba diving and snorkeling opportunities from the Cabo San Lucas harbor. The enclosed nature of the cover protects it from the rougher waters of the Sea of Cortez. These calm conditions keep the water in the cove crystal-clear and allow for superior visibility, maximizing your snorkeling experience. You won't miss any of the fabulous coral gardens or chromatic undersea life because of cloudy or turbulent water.

Cabo San Lucas Snorkel adventure on a yacht.

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The best time of day to experience the Santa Maria Bay is in the morning when the water is calm, and the fishes are most visible. After you finish your activities, you can enjoy a nice relaxing walk on the beach and marvel at the spectacular view. The bay is considered an official marine preserve, and you are permitted to feed the fish while you are there. If you want, the fish will even eat the food straight from your hand.
There are very few facilities at Santa Maria Bay, so, we suggest that you bring your food, water, and other supplies. The most crowded days of the week for this popular destination are Sundays, so if you want to get some exclusive snorkeling in or relaxing time in the sun then aim towards visiting the cove sometime during the middle of the week.
The Private Day Sailing with Cabo Sailing tour is one of the top activities for the Santa Maria Bay in Cabo San Lucas. The bay is a government-protected marine sanctuary with amazingly clear water due to the protected nature of the cove. The forty-four-foot Ketch sailboat, the Yael, is the ideal method of sightseeing of the foreign shores of Cabo. The half-hour journey aboard the Yael is the chance to unwind, taste appetizers, sip on a cold alcoholic beverage and enjoy the gorgeous panoramic view on the way to snorkel at Santa Maria Bay.
Santa Maria's cove has a fabulous variety of coral formations and a fantastic spectrum of tropical fishes including Mexican parrot fish, box puffers, porcupine fish, brilliant clownfish, yellow snappers, and eagle and manta rays. You may even spot a reef shark, sea turtle, or octopus. During the winter months, you may also view a Gray Whale in the Sea of Cortez. These massive creatures migrate from northern waters to breed spawn and nurse their newborn calves.
The Bahia Chileno Snorkel Adventure is also an excellent choice for anyone trying to experience the Santa Maria Bay and serves as the final destination on this exhilarating snorkeling adventure. This one of a kind spot is perfect both for experienced and first-time snorkelers wishing to see an unforgettable view of the tropical marine wildlife in Cabo San Lucas.





Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos, at the southern tip of the Baja California peninsula offers a variety of outdoor activities, and fun things to do that will surely satisfy those looking for fun and adventure in the sun.

Choose your favorite activity or activities from many offered in the Cabo San Lucas area. Try an Eco-friendly ATV tour, explore pristine beaches or take a boat cruise for dinner, snorkeling or to enjoy the sunset. For adventurers, Los Cabos offers the most beautiful surf breaks and surfing beaches as well as rock climbing, cycling, SCUBA diving, world-class fishing, championship golf, hiking, and horseback riding.

Get behind the wheel for an off-road (Baja style) test drive or enjoy snorkeling in the Sea of Cortez. City tours and excursions, water sports, whale watching tours, and other fun activities can all be found here in Cabo San Lucas and the Los Cabos area of Baja California Sur, Mexico.


Cabo San Lucas Yacht Charters

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Private Villa Rentals in Los Cabos:

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Private homes and villas are especially suited for large teams like company outings and family gatherings. The houses and villas are available completely in different sizes and can accommodate a gaggle of four to a group of twenty. Depending on your desires and budget, there are plenty of premiers, luxury, deluxe and value houses and villas to choose from. It's best to select a location near the beaches, shopping places, and restaurants for convenience. Private homes and villas offer lovely amenities like private baths with Jacuzzi, kitchen, air-conditioning, washer and appliance, entertainment system and internet access. In-home food catering, spa and concierge services are obtainable round the clock. Some villas also offer other amenities like a rental telephone and beach instrumentation rental.
Cabo San Lucas has several golf and spa resorts you can choose from. Retreats are quiet and peaceful within the morning and have exciting festivities at night. Resorts have abundant gardens and fascinating views. They typically have pools, restaurants, lawn tennis courts, and spa and fitness centers.
Condominiums are sometimes for tiny groups. You'll select from studio to 6-bedroom units and penthouses. Condos have a 24-hour caretaker and maid service. They also have bars and restaurants. Some even have a fitness center and day spa, and some also have a food shop and market.
For the more adventurous ones and for people that love fishing, a rental yacht is a good choice.
We offer a variety of beautiful boats and yachts for any occasion. Choose from our selection of power boats, sports yachts, fishing yachts, party boats, luxury yachts, or even mega yachts for all your luxurious vacation dreams! So join us for private trips, fun adventures, spectacular views and unforgettable memories on a yacht of your dreams!


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